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Executive Director

Company: Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber of Commerce
Date Posted: November 13, 2017


 The Chamber is now seeking a seasoned, entrepreneurial, and community focused Executive Director to manage staff and a group of volunteers, and to achieve the goals and objectives as set forth by the Board of Directors.

 The Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber is an action oriented alliance of businesses, non-profits, government and individuals who are committed to achieving the best sustainable business, civic and general welfare possible for this community. Our work is to ensure that Chugiak-Eagle River is the most livable and unique hometown in Alaska.

 The new Executive Director must be innovative, collaborative and can communicate a vision and implementation strategy, be operationally efficient, as well as have a proven record of leadership, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and building and maintaining strong community partnerships. For more information, please see the attached job description.

 Please submit a cover letter and resume expressing your interest and experience to the Chamber Search Committee. Cover letters and resumes may be sent to

 Job Description

Title:                                       Executive Director

Reports to:                              Board of Directors through the Board Chair

Summary of Position:             The Executive Director is the lead of the organization appointed by the Board of Directors. He/she shall be a non-voting member of the Board, Executive Committee, and all standing committees; and will be the operating and administrative head of the organization. He/she shall carry out the duties and responsibilities of the office as delegated by the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.

Primary Responsibilities:        The Executive Director is responsible for identification of Chamber and community needs in areas relating to small businesses, economic development, and public policy advocacy; and works with the Board to meet those needs through the preparation of a short-term, annual business plan, and a long-range strategic plan.

 This task includes, but is not limited to, the following:

a)       Developing and maintaining personal contact with leaders throughout the business, government, and professional community so as to understand the type of support required by the community to improve commercial, industrial, and civic life. In doing this, the Chamber seeks to facilitate programs that directly relate to the needs of the community and greater region, and which ultimately gain greater organizational support.

b)      Serving as liaison between the community and Board of Directors. The Executive Director is the staff link to the Executive Committee and Board and as such assists in the planning and organization of Board functions.

c)       Ensuring that the internal structure of the Chamber is operating effectively in the anticipation, identification, and solution of Chamber/community problems. Any changes in structure and policy should be recommended to the Board of Directors for action.

d)      Developing a Strategic Planning working document with the advice and consent of the Board regarding 1, 3, and 5 year goals as appropriate.

e)       Leads the planning and execution of key events, which serve as the main source of Chamber income.


The Executive Director is responsible for various financial activities of the Chamber as follows:

a)       The development of an annual budget working with the Treasurer and Executive Committee, and the monitoring of actual results versus budgeted results throughout the year.

b)      The monitoring of membership levels and direction of staff to ensure necessary membership income for support of program operations. The Executive Director, through staff and the Executive Committee, is also responsible for increasing membership, and therefore income.

c)       The approval of all expenditures and assurance that they are within the framework of the budget. Oversight of Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable functions.

d)      Preparation and reporting of regular financial statements through the Treasurer to the Board of Directors, as well as insuring that financial records are reviewed annually by an outside auditor as spelled out in the organization’s bylaws.


The Executive Director is responsible for developing, delegating, and supervising the following to gain membership support and public acceptance:

a)       All public relations, publicity programs, and community relations, including representing the Chamber at event functions as feasible.

b)      The Executive Director is to initiate/approve all materials distributed by the Chamber including, but not limited to, letters, notices, publications, news releases, and minutes.

c)       Works with Staff and Executive Committee for the development and implementation of Chamber events, programs, and services that lead to increased membership and retention of existing members.

The Executive Director shall act in any capacity as required in the Bylaws and Policies and Procedures as established, or as directed by the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.


Basic Skills/Experience:          Proven ability to take initiative and coordinate the objectives of businesses, government, and community organizations; create and implement appropriate organizational structure. Customer service focus; professional demeanor; poise under pressure; enthusiastic; credible. Ability to work with minimal direction; meet deadlines; multi-task; problem solve. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Computer Skills – Word Processing, Database, Spreadsheets, PowerPoint. Chamber proprietary membership software is a plus.


Education:                              Bachelor’s degree or related experience in Organizational Management, Business Administration, Marketing, Economic Development, or similar area. Five years minimum of upper level management in community relations, marketing, budgeting, operations, and/or government relations. Previous knowledge or experience in a not for profit environment preferred.


Salary/Benefits:                      This is a full time, regular salaried (exempt) contractual position.